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Drugs Search Dogs

IK9 Training have a wide range of drug detection dogs fully trained to identify several commonly used drugs in a variety of situations. An increase in drug use in today’s society has impacted on the need for detection dogs at public venues including airports, arenas and various events.

Specially trained dogs assist in the detection of illegal substances that may not be easily identifiable by security personnel. All our handlers have up to date qualifications, providing you with a highly qualified, expertly trained and experienced team.

Fully trained dogs on site
Expertly trained search dogs
Proactive search dogs

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Explosives Search Dogs

Due to the recent rise in terrorist incidents, there has been a significant increase in the use of security dogs for the detection of explosive devices. 

Here at IK9 Training, we have specially trained bomb detection dogs, each dog is trained in real life simulations, so they are better able to detect explosive material in a large variety of situationsand environments. Not only do our dogs conduct perfect search and finds, they are also a deterrent to terrorists.


Specially trained bomb detection dogs 


Deterrent to Potential Terrorists 


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IK9 Training provide industry leading K9 training and security services throughout the UK. Our team of first class trainers and guards will work in close partnership with you, our client to provide innovative and reliable solutions to your training or security needs.

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